University Games Super Structures Kit

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  • "Marvel at super structures that you creat using Engineering concepts and your limitless imagination! Kids construct bridges and skyscrapers using simple Engineering concepts like forces, design and efficiency
  • They can make a self-supporting arched bridge as designed by Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Kids will discover how seemingly weak materials like paper can become strong building elements
  • Completed instruction guide features ideas and thoughful questions to pnder and investigate

  • Details:
    20 Wooden sticks
    30 sheets of paper
    18 sheets of cardstock
    1 blank newspaper sheet
    1 tape roll
    1 register tape roll
    2 base plates
    1 bag
    Instruction Guide
  • STEAM Program:
    According to the MacArthur Foundation, "65% of today's grade school kids will end up doing work that hasn't even been invented yet
  • " The fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics are more important than ever to help develop minds that are ready for the 21st century

  • This hands-on learning kit helps children explore the fascinating fields of STEAM
  • The kit includes everything needed, along with a comprehensive instruction guide, to introduce unique learning concepts
  • Professor Flubberstein guides children on their learning journeys through these exciting topics!