Toysmith Long Fish Net Gloves

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  • Perfect Party Favors - These fishnet gloves are great retro items and can be wonderful party additions. They will fit any given theme and many occasions, such as 80's or 90's themed party, hip hop concert, school musical or even your daughter's sleep-over night. Everyone will eventually want a pair!
  • ✔ Great Costume Accessory - These diva gloves will perfectly fit many themed costumes and the neon colors look great from distance. It comes in one of 4 different assorted neon colors that were popular in the 80s. The gloves are very stretchable so they will fit both adults and little ones.
  • ✔ Girls LOVE them - These retro gloves are perfect for your daughter's next birthday party. They will be a total HIT! Girls love the neon colors and will refuse to take them off throughout the party. It brings so much fun to your little ones and also makes a great party favor.
  • ✔ Specifications - Fits both kids and adults. 

*Color chosen at random