Sweet Pea Diapers - Disposable Flushable Liners

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Sweet Pea Diapers - Disposable/Flushable Liners - come in rolls of 100 sheets. Sheets can also often be cut in half for tiny newborns which can double your savings per roll. Liners help create a stay-dry barrier, may help prevent rash and make cleaning soiled diapers easier. Simply take the liner and whatever it has "caught" and flush. You'll notice less work when washing, less staining and less odor issues. Place liner in diaper and remove when soiled. Dispose into garbage or flush in toilet. (flushing may cause blockage in old or damaged drains and in certain septic systems.) These flushable liners are mom approved. Easily flush the solids after your baby starts eating baby food. Less mess. Easy disposal.

100% viscose.