OsoCozy Bamboo-Organic Cotton Diaper Doublers -Size 2

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Bamboo Organic Cotton diaper doublers. Soft and very absorbent. Use with cloth diapers for added absorbency or as inserts for pockets diapers. 

Each doubler is made from six layers of a thirsty weave of 50% bamboo derived viscose rayon and 50% organic cotton. These hour glass shaped inserts come in two sizes. The large is 5x14 inches and the small size is 4x12 inches.

Perfect for adding absorbency to cloth diapers of any kind including pocket diapers, all-in-ones, fitted, prefold and flats. Whether you have a heavy wetter or need added absorbency at night or during naps these soft and inexpensive doublers will do the trick.

Although the size two is suitable for all sizes, the size 1 is recommended for 6 to 15 pounds and the size 2 for 10 pounds and more.

*Price is for one doubler.