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Organic Hogwash is referred to as an odor neutralizer by the emerging odor control industry, NOT a masking agent or perfume.

• Stops all odors on contact easily, quickly and safely.

• Biodegradable, hypoallergenic, non toxic, non staining on fabrics, earth friendly, fast, and safe for people and pets alike.

• NOT an odor masking fragrance that replaces the odor with a smell.

• Organic Hogwash is a safe way to rid yourself of all the foul smells and odors in your life.

• Convenient 1 oz size spray bottle that fits easily in your purse or glove compartment.

Originally this product was designed to rid the smells and odors associated with Hog Farms in the Midwest and the airborne odors carried to neighbor's fields and housing developments. Simply saturate the odor area with a fine mist spray of Organic Hogwash. That's it, really! The odor will be gone!