Mindware MYO Cross Stitch Wood Jewelry

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Cross-stitch a collection of 12 pendants that pop! Put a modern twist on the simple craft of cross-stitch by creating your own chic wooden pendant necklaces. Cross-stitch is a classic when it comes to arts and crafts for kids and adults. You’ll learn some basic cross-stitch techniques to begin making iconic shapes, pop culture images and personal monograms on the die-cut pendants using a needle and cheerful shades of embroidery floss. Splashy accents like colorful tassels and wooden beads add dynamic dimension to your DIY jewelry. Get ready to wear your MYO art on your heart with your own line of sweet, hand-stitched pendants!

• Cross-stitch 12 chic, custom wooden pendant necklaces.
• Develops creativity, self-expression, self-confidence and fine motor skills.
• Great gifts for teens and tweens who love making a fashion statement.
Includes 12 colors of embroidery floss, 12 wood pendants, 18' of necklace cord, 12 jewelry clasps, 16 beads, 2 needles and an step-by-step instruction guide.

Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up