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A set of geometric shapes designed to further motor skills development and hand-eye coordination, as well as spatial and visuoconstruction abilities. Consists of 3 brightly colored cubes, along with with a cylinder and sphere in black-and-white for stimulating visual development and actually encouraging crawling. Developed in collaboration with Wanatoy®, a group of professionals based in Barcelona, Spain, specializing in early childhood development. Ages 0+

  • BABY TEETHER DESIGNED FOR TACTILE STIMULATION: The soft, all natural rubber is lightweight and ideal for soothing teething gums. Its shape and textured surface make it easy for tiny hands to grab and hold. Designed to combine playtime with baby’s motor, sensory, cognitive, and emotional development. Named after a tropical plant, this toy is designed to develop the infant’s curiosity about nature.
  • MADE BY A FAMILY-OWNED COMPANY AND EUROPEAN LEADER SINCE 1952: Lanco is a family business founded in Barcelona in 1952, the first European company to make natural rubber toys. Our founder and grandfather, Alfredo Benet Domingo, was the first to recognize that natural rubber–with its softness and elasticity–was perfect for creating baby toys. He was also decades ahead of his time in recognizing that natural rubber is sustainable and leaves no footprint on the planet for future generations.
  • 100% NATURAL RUBBER: Lanco toys are made exclusively of pure natural rubber with nothing artificial added. We source the highest-quality natural rubber from Hevea brasiliensis trees, a sustainable natural resource.
  • HANDMADE AND COLORED WITH FOOD GRADE DYES: Our toys are handmade with love and care by our experienced artisans. Every step is performed by hand, and all dyes are food grade. *Because they are hand painted, some slight imperfections may occur.
  • NON-TOXIC: Our toys are free of all harmful chemicals, including BPA, phthalates, and nitrosamines. Each toy complies with European Safety Standards EN 71 and CPSIA.