Imagination Generation - Professor Poplar’s - Whole Wide World - Jigsaw Puzzle

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My name is Professor Poplar, and this is my patented Whole Wide World map puzzle! Did you know? Earth's surface is 70 percent water. The rest of our planet holds massive areas of land, separated by water or natural features. These land masses are known as continents and there's seven of them in total, each with unique animals, weather patterns, and climates. Quite an exciting place to live, if I do say so myself!

Why You'll Love it:

Puzzling together this jigsaw is a terrific, sensory way for young learner to piece together the complex geography of our world. And better yet, I've included all sorts of major landmarks, as well as objects on each continent. Each of the 37 jigsaw pieces fit in the 17.75" x 11.5" wooden inset frame, so you can piece together our wonderful world! Facilitates in developing basic memory and spatial awareness skills.