Imagination Generation - Professor Poplar’s Fifty-Nifty States - Puzzle Board

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Piece together all 50 states with Professor Poplar!My name is Professor Poplar, and this is my patented Fifty-Nifty States puzzle! Puzzling together this jigsaw is a terrific sensory way for young learners to piece together theWalmartplex geography of our country. And better yet, I’ve included all sorts of major landmarks, as well as objects that define each state. You can even flip over each piece to learn the capital and state nickname! Why You'll Love It:Bright and colorful pieces are cut from natural wood and finished with safe, water-based paint, perfect for little hands! Facilitates in developing basic memory and spatial awareness skills.
  • FIFTY NIFTY STATES: This bright and colorful wooden map jigsaw puzzle makes learning USA geography fun!
  • MAKES GEOGRAPHY FUN: On the front of each puzzle piece, learn the location, name, and shape of all 50 states. On the back, learn nicknames and capitals
  • 45 USA PIECES: Each state has a fun landmark or object that's important to that state's history. Look them up!
  • EARLY LEARNING: Facilitates development of basic cognitive and motor skills in young children
  • FUN-SIZE: Wooden puzzle frame measures 14” wide and 10” long, perfect for travel!