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The Delicious Deli Slicing Play set is a 14 piece wooden play set that is a very fun way for kids to learn the concepts of parts and wholes which are vital in learning early arithmetic. Teach your child the differences between halves, thirds, and quarters to give them a head start in their education! The knife included in the set is not sharp in any way whatsoever. As with all of our Imagination Generation play sets, the materials included here are made from natural, sanded cuts of wood and water-based safe paints.

Get ready to get behind the counter and take all the orders you can with this Delicious Deli Play set from Imagination Generation. You'll have a bunch of hungry customers coming to the shop looking for meats and cheeses. Use your knife and cutting board to portion out how much they want and sent them on their way! You'll have so many foods to choose from. Cut up the steak into thirds to divvy it out properly, or cut a sausage in two. The fun doesn't stop there though, as you'll have plenty of cheese to cut as well. Whether it's cheddar or Swiss, you can be sure your customers will leave satisfied. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll run your own deli!