Imagination Generation - Circus Growth Chart

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  • CIRCUS GROWTH CHART: Track your child's growth from each milestone to the next on this topsy-turvy growth chart! Measures from 2 feet to 5 feet tall
  • JOIN THE CIRCUS: Each milestone along the tight rope features one of 7 colorful circus characters as they perform their world-famous act! When you reach 5 feet there is a message of "Follow Your Dreams & Reach New Heights," an inspirational quote for your healthy growing children!
  • ROLL-OUT SCROLL CHART: This non-stick, roll-out growth chart comes in a scroll form and simply hangs from a peg in the wall. No sticky vinyl decals that chip paint or tear wallpaper. Made of thick styrene materials, able to withstand small wear and tear in comparison to thinner materials
  • FOR FAMILIES BIG & SMALL: This growth chart captures every inch of the formative years. Each time you add a member to your family, record their growth spurts along this charming chart
  • PRECIOUS KEEPSAKE: When your children outgrow the chart, roll it back up into a scroll form and save it as a memory. A priceless treasure to record the growing of each of your children