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  • DOUBLE-SIDED TRACK: Hape’s Robot Factory Domino set includes two double-sided ball tracks, which feature a normal track and a zig-zag track. A fun-filled wooden toy for children ages 4 and up
  • EXCITING KIDS TOY: The catapult launches a wooden ball through the air, adding drama and spectacle to the trail. A finishing flag raises up for a dramatic ending as your last domino falls
  • WATCH THE DOMINO EFFECT: Put a wooden ball in the rail car and release it down the ramp. As the car tips over, the ball is released and starts the domino effect Momentum flows through the spinning and gravity release arm, and finally into the third wooden ball
  • EDUCATIONAL GAME: Using the STEAM value (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), the robot factory domino set introduces children to the concepts of potential energy, momentum and gravity. Great for developing logical thinking and understanding of physics principles
  • ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Includes five connectors, five double-sided ball tracks, one see-saw, one momentum wheel, one spinning arm, one gravity release arm, one finish flag box, one tunnel, one tipper car, four three wooden balls, one marble, one special domino, one half domino, two tall dominoes, two medium dominoes, and 93 standard dominoes