Hape Musical Cloud Light

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• PEACEFUL SLEEP: Help your little ones fall asleep with the Musical Cloud Light. Each little raindrop is a separate switch. Pull to choose between the night light and ten soothing sounds, or select both to comfort newborns and up into peaceful slumber.

• NIGHT LIGHT: The gentle light has three lighting options to choose between to best match your baby’s sleep pattern. Set the Musical Cloud Light to turn off automatically after 20 minutes, or leave it on for a full night’s comforting shine.

• CRIB COMPANION: The music mobile features a sensor, so if your little one wakes in the night, it activates to calm the cries and lull them back to sleep. Let them drift off to one of eight soothing melodies, gentle rain or rhythmic heartbeats.

• LIGHTS, SOUNDS & TOUCH: The sweet cloud is wrapped in cloth, and the smiling face made of soft wood. The combination of material textures, gentle sounds, and fascinating lights are great for your baby’s sensory development.