Hape - Friendship Tower

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Beautifully decorated cardboard boxes are perfect for building and learning. Stack, sort shapes, study the landscapes, or practice counting!

* STORYTELLING & IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Each box comes in a different size and features various landscapes and characters. The set encourages the development of the inner creativity of your child
* IMPROVE COUNTING SKILLS: The color images on one side featuring familiar objects illustrating numbers 1-10, makes counting more fun and interactive between you and your child
* YOUR NEW FRIENDS: Dante, Lilly, Pepe, and Tito are all included in the 9-piece friendship tower and their stackable cardboard houses
* SAFE TO PLAY WITH: Allow your kid to play and experiment in peace. Stackable boxes are made from cardboard making them super safe to play with
* EASY TO PACK: The multi-purpose toy is easy to store and pack away when your kids are done playing with their new friends
* AGE RECOMMENDATION: 18 months and up