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No Leaks But All the Convenience

Our cloth swim diapers are perfect for those fun days in the sun. They keep solids in and sand out. The side snaps make it easy to put the swim diaper on, take it off, and clean up messes—something disposable swim diapers aren’t known for, especially when wet. Our reusable swim diapers are also better quality than disposables. Soft and comfortable, they won’t irritate your child’s skin, and no matter how messy your child can be, they won’t be the reason everyone has to exit the pool.

Perfect Fit, Fun Prints

Get the right fit whether your baby is long and lean or short and stocky. Made with stretch side snaps, you get a snug fit around your baby’s stomach and legs. A snug fit prevents leaks but doesn’t prevent your child from moving and splashing around freely. Our reusable swim diapers are also trim enough to fit underneath swimsuits. With such cute designs and a waterproof outer, they look and work great when worn alone.

Our adjustable and adorably cute cloth swim diapers are available in three sizes: Size 1 (10-19 lbs.), Size 2 (16-33 lbs.), and Size 3 (25-50 lbs.).

Travel-Friendly Swim Diapers

You don’t want to haul around a pack of disposable swim diapers in your pool bag or suitcase. And you definitely don’t want to be the pool party pooper by making your child leave early because you ran out of disposable swim diapers. With reusable swim diapers, simply wear, wash, and reuse. Our cloth swim diapers are machine washable and dry quickly. You can lay them out to dry or dry on low in a dryer.