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Make a new friend—literally!

Tobbly Wobbly is a hilarious, tip-toppling buildable buddy.

Open up the weighted base of egg-shaped Tobbly Wobbly, dump out the 14 fun suction cup components, then start building!

You might recognize many of these building pieces from your favorite Squigz: you'll find Pip and Grippity from the original Squigz, and some Squigz Benders! Excellent for arms, legs, and noses, each piece comes in the eye-popping exclusive Tobbly Wobbly color palette.

You'll also be introduced to a brand-new Squigz hair piece: the Neener! The Neener has a suction cup on one side, and silicone strings of colorful hair on the other!

Get your goof on with the Neener, then add kooky personality with the satiny reusable sticker faces. Now your new friend is ready for posing, rocking, spinning, imagining—and hanging around making silly faces out the window!

Tobbly Wobbly
  • A wobbling, customizable, spherical friend
  • Encourages imaginative play, creature design skills, fine motor dexterity, planning skills
  • You can "make" a new friend with suction cup pieces and reusable stickers!
  • Tobbly Wobbly is tall and egg-shaped
  • Tobbly Wobbly measures 8.5 x 5 inches
  • The weighted base keeps him from toppling over
  • Weighted base adds to the fun: spin, wobble, and rock!
  • Unscrew the weighted base to access the sticker and building component storage space
  • Store the building pieces inside the toy!
  • Tobbly Wobbly never has to look the same twice!
  • Components include Pip and Grippity Squigz suction construction pieces, and Squigz Benders
  • Building components come in exclusive Tobbly Wobbly color palette
  • Includes one buildable friend with screw-open storage space, 14 building components, reusable sticker sheet