Fat Brain Off Beat Game

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Can you feel (and keep) the beat?

This rhythm and sequence game gets you and your friends snapping and clapping together! Fall off-beat or do the wrong action? You're out of the round! Last player on-beat? Collect your choice of disc from the spinner, then replace it with one from the upside-down pile.

Each round starts with a spin to show you which order to go! Start the round by counting, "One, Two, Three, Four!" to establish the rhythm, then together, everyone completes the first action, and so on, around the disc in clockwise fashion.

Collect six discs first to win!

Your mind needs to keep up with your hands, while staying in the right sequence of sounds! Great for home or classroom. Multiple games.

OffBeat Game of Rhythm
  • A quick game of sequencing and rhythm!
  • Encourages sequencing, rhythm, memory, focus
  • Challenge yourself to stay on beat longest!
  • Collect discs for keeping the rhythm the longest
  • First player to collect six discs wins
  • Choose your playing quadrant so you have a place for the single hand and double hand beat on the board
  • Alternate game option for younger players included in the rules
  • Removable discs show you which sequence to keep
  • Disc actions: Ole!, Clap, Snap, Single Hand beat, Double Hand beat, Shh!
  • Includes hollow game board with spinner, 36 discs (6 each), instructions