DryBees Pocket Diaper

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DryBees All in One Diapers have their own three layer Microfiber insert enclosed within the body of the diaper and leg casings for a sure fit. Microfiber is the perfect choice for all in one diapers since it takes a short amount of time in the dryer or on the line for your diaper to be dry, fluffy and ready to use.

Small (6-16lbs)

Medium (14-22lbs)

Large (20-30lbs+)

Made in the USA

Using cloth diapers doesn’t have to be hard. Our all in one diapers are as easy as disposables. Simply place diaper on your baby and fasten tabs as needed. The opening in the back of the diapers are for those times when you will not be changing for an extended amount of time, at night, or if you have a heavy wetter. Most babies will not need an extra insert (purchased separately) for their DryBees to work beautifully.

Wash with reduced detergent, line or tumble dry.

No: bleach, stain treaters, additives, fabric softener