Drop Stoppers Teether

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This Drop it Baby Attachment is a soft silicone Teether with Reclosable Ring. You can easily attach this fun, silicone teether to the end of your Drop it Baby, or you can use it on its own. Of course, you can always add your child’s favorite toys to the Reclosable Ring as well.


Ever looked down at the dirty restaurant floor and cringed? You know what’s coming……the dreaded drop it game. Does the 5 second rule apply here? The Drop it Baby will save you from picking their toy or sippy cup up off that dirty floor every 2.5 seconds. Have twins or more than one young child? The Drop it Baby is expandable! You can create your own Drop it Baby bundle for the perfect fit for your child. This makes a wonderful, unique baby shower gift or a gift for new moms! Check out Drop it Baby’s full line of products and accessories!