Chewbeads JR. Shark Tooth Pendant

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Any Great White in training is sure to love our shark tooth necklaces for kids. These soft silicone tooth pendants are available in several fun colors, so your child will love to wear them – and since these kids’ chewing necklaces are safe to bite, you won’t have to worry about your little one going after the nearest seal, surfer, or scuba diver instead.

Shark tooth pendants from Chewbeads make the perfect fidget tool or nail biting tool for any busy kid on the go. They’ll slip right onto your child’s neck – don’t worry, the breakaway clasp makes them easy to detach when needed – and they’re fun & easy to take to school or summer camp. Your child will be the talk of the playground with these cool pendant necklaces, and you’ll feel better knowing that they’ve got a kids’ chewing necklace that’s 100% non-toxic. Even better: these shark tooth necklaces for kids are dishwasher-safe, and easy to clean with soap and water! You won’t have to worry about your child chewing on fingernails dirty from their adventures in the wild. See a bit of dirt on these tooth pendants? Just give them a quick scrub, and they’ll be ready to go back on – so your adventurer can head back out with their sensory tool safe at hand.

For a combination of fashion and chewing tool that your child is sure to love, choose our shark tooth necklaces for kids. They make great birthday gifts or celebrations to mark special occasions. Try letting your older child give them as a big brother or big sister gift! Your little shark is sure to love our kids’ shark tooth necklaces.