Bravado Seamless Panty

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If you have chosen one of the Bravado nursing bras, you may like to complete the set by adding the Bravado Seamless Panty (2 Pack).

So what makes them so comfortable? Well, they are buttery-soft and have a stretchy feel. They should help give you a really nice silhouette too as they offer invisibility underneath clothing.

They are also designed to adapt to your changing shape. If you have not given birth yet, you will be pleased to know that these panties are ideal for both before, during and after pregnancy....helping give you even better value for money.

So why do we think you might want the 2-Pack of Bravado Seamless Panties? We think you will find them really comfortable, they will complete the set with your Bravado bra, and the smooth silhouette will help you feel even more feminine. A nice addition.