bINK’d Temporary Tattoos with Applicator

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This starter set includes a variety set of 16 temporary tattoos and a mini applicator!

Perfect for kids who don't have their ears pierced...Perfect for activities that do not recommend use of earrings...Have a dance competition?...Have a gymnastics competition?...These are PERFECT to complete your costume look!! 

Unlike other temporary tattoos bINK'd are made specifically to fit onto an ear lobe or along the side of the ear. Why not just use other temporary tattoos? Typically they are too large and not sold with two matching small enough designs to wear as earrings.  Images are designed for visibility on the ear, unlike others.

Are bINK'd temporary tattoo earrings safe on the skin?
All are safe and use FDA approved inks/adhesive to transfer onto the skin. For ingredients and more info go to

How long do bINK'd temporary tattoo earrings last?
Our high quality temporary tattoo earrings can last up to 7 days. Multiple bink'd earrings are provided so that you may replace image as needed. (Also, use on dolls, toy cars, nails, face, etc.) For extended wear minimal touching of the image is suggested. When using on nails a clear top coat will prevent the image from wear. 

Our temporary tattoo earrings apply with water in 30 seconds or less.  Make sure to apply to dry surface. Cut simple box to remove design.  Remove plastic overlay. Place face down onto desired ear surface. Press heavily dampened sponge, cotton ball or similar against backing. Slowly slide back paper surface away from design. Let dry before touching. 

They come off anytime with baby oil, soap and water or hand sanitizer. (Microfiber cloths work well!) May also use a small piece of tape lightly placed over design and slowly peeled away.

Kid Safe Ink?
We use only FDA approved vegetable based inks*.   However, if you/your child have sensitive skin do not use. 

• USA made using FDA approved vegetable based inks & are CPSC Compliant!