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Baby K’tan’s hip-healthy carriers are ideal for beginner baby-wearers and parents who can’t face the usual 10-plus steps required to use a wrap, but still want the snuggly closeness. Pared down to three steps that even the sleep-deprived can handle, the Baby K’tan goes on quickly and comfortably adjusts to five different positions.  The carrier slips on like a T-shirt, and the double-loop design evenly distributes your baby’s weight across your shoulders and back. It also has a carrying pouch that doubles as a supportive sash for your back.

Like most wraps, the K’tan is best for smaller babies. However, the K’tan Active has less stretch than the K’tan Classic or Breeze, so it will provide more support for bigger babies. It’s made of high-tech polyester, an ultra-lightweight, wicking fabric that keeps both adult and baby cool, making this a great pick for warm climates or those that just run hot. The material also blocks 90% of UVA and UVB rays.

Unlike a typical wrap that can be modified to fit all-size wearers, the Baby K’tan comes in specific sizes. A partner or caregiver whose body size is different from yours won’t be able to share this carrier with you. However, since the carrier is sized to the adult, not the baby, you won’t need to buy a larger size as your baby grows. The carrier size generally corresponds to your fitted (tight) T-shirt size.