Anarchy Acres - Rosie’s New Harness - A Team Anarchy Story

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Rosie was concerned. Her harness had been missing for days. The Friendly Farmer took Cassie and Sebastian to plow the field without her! What happened to her harness? Was she still part of the team? The first book in the Team Anarchy series brings readers into the life of the donkeys and their experiences with (and without!) a complete team on their animal-powered farm. Team Anarchy books are based on the real-life experiences of Rosie, Cassie, and Sebastian, a working team of draft donkeys in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. Together with farmer and author Charlie Tennessen, Team Anarchy performs the work of plowing, cultivating and harvesting on the small farm that is also their home. Although the donkeys each have a distinct personality and ability, they can also cooperate when needed to ensure their sustainable future on Anarchy Acres. Team Anarchy stories teach the value of work, play, and life as it takes place on a small farm in Wisconsin. "Rosie's New Harness" is a gentle story of three donkeys working together in mutual support. Suitable for all elementary aged children, and a great bedtime story.