Anarchy Acres - Popcorn Day - A Team Anarchy Story

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Our first book, "Rosie's New Harness," was about Rosie, the smallest of the donkeys on Team Anarchy. Cassie, the spotted donkey, is the focus of "Popcorn Day." It's autumn on Anarchy Acres, and the popcorn needs to be harvested. Sebastian usually pulls the popcorn cart, but he is not feeling well. The Friend Farmer has to teach Cassie to pull the cart and stand patiently in the field while the corn is harvested. Donkeys don't like to be alone, and the rustling cornstalks are frightening. Will Cassie be able to save the popcorn harvest? Like all our stories, it's based on real events that take place here on the farm. Work, play, teamwork—it happens all the time on Anarchy Acres!