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Papo Animals

Shop > Papo Animals


Each Papo figurine has been designed in France to be made with high quality expectations. Hand painted, the attention to detail of these figurines is recognized worldwide.  

Ages 3+

papo tortoiseTrumpeting ElephantLioness with CubPanda and Baby PandaGiraffe CalfWalking Polar Bear CubLying Tigress NursingWolf CubSnowy OwlChimpanzee and BabySlothWhite-Tailed Fawn

BoarFemale PigletMontbeliarde CowAlezan English Thoroughbred MareGrey WolfFoxRed CatSiberian Husky

Tortoise 7.50 cm 5.60 cm 4.00 cm  
Trumpeting Elephant: 16.00 cm 8.00 cm 12.00 cm  
Lioness with Cub: 14.50 cm 3.50 cm 6.50 cm  
Panda and Baby Panda: 8.00 cm 4.00 cm 6.00 cm  
Giraffe Calf: 9.00 cm 6.00 cm 14.00 cm  
Walking Polar Bear Cub: 8.00 cm 4.00 cm 4.00 cm  
Lying Tigress Nursing: 11.60 cm 12.50 cm 5.80 cm  
Wolf Cub: 2.00 cm 7.00 cm 4.20 cm  
Snowy Owl: 6.30 cm 3.50 cm 6.50 cm  
Chimpanzee and Baby: 7.00 cm 3.00 cm 6.00 cm  
Sloth: 4.50 cm 3.50 cm 6.50 cm  
White-Tailed Fawn: 5.50 cm 2.00 cm 5.00 cm  
Boar: 11.20 cm 2.80 cm 4.80 cm  
Female Piglet: 4.60 cm 2.00 cm 3.70 cm  
Montbeliarde Cow: 13.70 cm 3.50 cm 8.60 cm  
Alezan English Thoroughbred Mare: 14.50 cm 9.80 cm 3.60 cm  
Grey Wolf: 3.00 cm 12.50 cm 6.00 cm  
Fox: 9.00 cm 2.00 cm 4.00 cm  
Red Cat: 2.50 cm 5.00 cm 5.00 cm  
Siberian Husky: 11.20 cm 2.40 cm 6.40 cm  


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